What does a treatment look like?

Every visit starts with diagnosis. When a client comes in for the first time the intake will be longer as we go through the main health complaint. The medical history, other health issues, lifestyle and additional questions about sleep, food etc. are discussed.


After that before every treatment we start with palpatory diagnosis. This means we touch certain diagnostic areas of the body to assess your condition. We feel the meridians on distal parts of the arms and legs, abdominal diagnosis and the pulse. Feeling the pulse is on of the key elements in treatment. It is not only a diagnostic tool but also gives immediate feedback about progress. So after every technique the pulse is checked again.


Typically treatment starts with needle techniques on the lower legs and forearms. After the acupoints are stimulated the needle is removed. Then the lower abdominal area and shoulder and neck region are checked and treated to improve flow. For these areas are considered bottlenecks where circulation can easily be obstructed.

When necessary you will be asked to turn on your side or face down to treat the back.
If needed, polarity agents (copper and zink pellets) can be applied to further optimize results. Often a form of moxibustion (moxa) will be added to the treatment.


Treatment is painless and very comfortable. A lot of people simply doze off on the table.

After a final check of the pulse, the treatment is ended. Occasionally some home work can be given in the form of moxibustion. Of course proper instruction will be given along with the necessary supplies.