Graduated Cum Laude from the Shenzhou Open University for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) he started in the TCM style of Acupuncture, TuinNa & Herbal fomulas.
Already at an early stage Japanese Acupuncture styles caught his attention. The fact that subtle needle techniques could have such a powerful effect fascinated him.

Shudo Denmei’s works inspired him first. After that he enrolled in classes with Stephen Birch and Junko Ida, teachers that played a major role in bringing Japanese Acupuncture to the West. Eventually these classes lead him to take an intensive Post-Graduate in the style of Toyohari which is one of the main styles of treatment in his clinic.

Developing skills and knowledge never stops in the field of Acupuncture. Continuing education and literature is a must. I have had the privilege of attending seminars with Japanese Sensei in Europe, the US and Japan and will continue to do so. Because in the clinic, I simply want to offer the best treatment possible for clients to (re)gain optimal health. Next to that, acupuncture is both my profession and my passion. Professional and personal growth are connected as treatment cannot be separated from the practitioner. As Shudo Denmei says it: “Your needle reflects what you are.”

Ronald Aartsen, L.Ac.